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07:00am 10/12/2009

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A Few Things   
02:20pm 06/12/2009
  I have a few things I really want to say, but have no one to say them to.

1) I just pulled out some lime Burts Bees lip balm (which I haven't used in a while), put it on, and had tequila flashbacks to my birthday. *shivers*

2) I just remembered that I had a dream last night that involved Tiger Woods. I won a contest to go see him play for "free" (but somehow still cost $300) and was at a water park. However, at this water park you had to wear white during the day, and at night all of the water items were moved and you slept in tents where the "rides" were. It was in San Antonio, and my dad refused to drive there in the dream because it was "too far." Weird.

3) Every time I hear a professional animator of children's movies on NPR, I fall in love with him. They are always too cute for words. Maybe I need to seek out animators if I would like a life partner.

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Bra Shopping   
11:01pm 25/11/2009
  I am currently drinking some wine and trying to liberate my apartment from the clutter that has overtaken it. BORING. So why don't I tell you about bra shopping instead, internet?

I'll go ahead and cut this, but really, everyone is interested in boobs!Collapse )

Happy turkey day, y'all. I am thankful for BOOBIES!

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I Still Love you, LJ   
03:26pm 01/11/2009
  Sorry, my beloved eljay, I have been so busy that I have forsaken you for the seductive quickness of Facebook updates.
Recently I have:
- had the flu, didn't go to the Dr, so I dunno what kind
- survived doing a presentation of my summer research
- skated, but not enough
- Spent most of my time doing unfun school things, but still being behind.
- Gone to Houston, got lots of vintage dresses
- Gone to state fair. Fried butter = amazing, fried PB&J = disappointing, chicken fried bacon = not as expected. GOT TO PET A ZEBRA!

That's really about it. I've been absolutely drowning in school work and I have felt like the least fun person ever. So I went out and DRESSED UP for Halloween. Only made it to 3 parties.


The make-up was better before I went out, much more turquoise-y, but oh well. I hadn't dressed up since grade school, so I think it went pretty well. Turned out pin-up-y, which I am more than OK with. A clone of my ex-boyfriend (with the same name as his twin) tried to latch on to me at a party, it was truly tragic. Funniest thing was that I drove through Taco Cabana (YUM DRUNK NACHOS!) and the guys at the window were like "you look pretty tonight" "NO! She looks pretty all of the time!" HAHAHA

Now I will spend my extra hour this weekend watching Mad Men and crocheting!

Hope you all had a merry Halloween!

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Life is Dangerous   
01:37am 25/09/2009
  Holy crap. Just learned that a friend from college recently had a near-fatal brain injury. He fell backwards walking to his car, I guess, and fractured his skull. Was in a coma, is relearning walking and such.

WTH. I think of all of the classic falls I've had on ice, on uneven ground, or while inebriated. And yah. Makes me wanna wear my derby gear all of the time.

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King of the Hill   
03:44am 11/09/2009
  OK, I need to write about something that is not dowry death before I go to sleep. I already had a bad nightmare during my nap today.

I've always loved King of the Hill. I am sad it's gonna be over. The last issue of Bitch Magazine had a great little piece on Peggy Hill as a feminist. Very cute, very true.

Now, Peggy has huge feet. Adult Swim played the episode tonight where through a series of events, Peggy accidentally modeled for a big-feet-fetish site on the internet. She starts to feel good about her feet for the first time ever because the man taking the videos has convinced her that they are educational and for other women to feel good about their feet. She has foot confidence! Then, with gentle help from Hank, she figures out what's going on. She is crushed. Then this happens:

It's such a right-on scene, and I hadn't really noticed it before (yah, I've totally seen the episode 3+ times). But it's totally one of the many reasons it sucks that it's over. The anthropologist in me wants to say something about enculturation, but that seems silly. The Fat/Feminist Studies nerd in me wants to give Bobby a big old theoretically-informed high-five and rock out some discourse analysis. (And yes, I am ruined, and this what I think about when I watch cartoons.) But really I guess I don't have much to elaborate on from the clip so much as I wanted to share it.

My next class starts in 5 hours, so I will now try to sleep and dream of happy Bobby Hill. Fuck yah, I love Texas!

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Panic! At the Disco...er...University   
06:40pm 31/08/2009
  So I just figured out today that September will = MADNESS.

I'd totally forgotten that I'm supposed to present a poster in like 3 weeks at a conference at Yale. (A very 'me' thing to do) So today I had to scramble to make all of my travel arrangements on a credit card. Hopefully funding will follow. And, uh, there are barely ANY flights into/out of New Haven. Long story short, I'll be chillin at the Holiday Inn for a night more than I'd anticipated. Now comes the scramble to get my data together (otherwise I was going to have until the end of October to get it together).

Oh! Also, I haven't flown in a while...WTH is with this paying $20 to check a bag crap?? I guess I'll just have to transform my skate bag into a carry-on and smell like feet in my one outfit for the week. GRRRR.

I also have a conference to attend on DV this month.

I had a meeting about my independent study today. The goal of that class is to get a paper together that I can publish. Eek! I've never published a paper of my own, even if it's just a review paper. So, this class will really require some thought and effort on my part.

Annnd the first weekend in October I'm supposed to skate in Tulsa.

It's official - no more lazy times for me!!

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Slight Relief   
09:50pm 25/08/2009
  Today I cleaned and did cooking for the week. The apartment is not *clean* yet, but is livable. Some stuff needs to be picked up and some vacuuming needs to happen. But I finally found my school ID! It had fallen in a crazy spot. Now I can get my library-related stuff done, finally.

Today I also pinpointed where Mad Men begins to get interesting - season 1, episode 8, for anyone who is interested. I was getting close to giving up on it!

Tonight I'll be up trying to catch up on a last transcription job. Tomorrow I've got the first day back on the TA job, class, and derby, and misc errands. Long day :(

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Cleaning Mystery   
01:26am 25/08/2009
  I spent a couple of hours organizing/cleaning my office. There were papers everywhere. Now it's all in order and I have brought home and filed appropriate papers. YAY!

But my apartment. Oh, my apartment! No matter what I do, I can't seem to make a dent in it. Or maybe I have made small dents and simply cannot see the forest through the trees. You see, I have all of 420 sq ft and I've been here a few years now. I guess I've accumulated some stuff.

I got rid of 2 garbage bags of clothes that don't fit, old make-up, sold about $150 worth of books, brought my new textbooks up to my office, and recycled or filed tons of papers in the past few weeks. I've bought more shelves and such. I've shuffled things around so as to be more efficient. SO FRUSTRATED.

It is really a problem. I had a dream a few nights ago where I was hoarding animals. I had lots of pet mice. There was a whole cage I didn't know I had! I had 2 guinea pigs (with big personalities!). I had my cat Oscar, who seemed to be cool with everything somehow. And an 'investigator' came in and told me I had to get rid of everything but the cat. (I was really upset about having to give away the newest guinea pig for some reason?) It was creepy.

I clearly need to get my shit together and it is frustrating to be so bad at it. I really want to feel in control of something before classes get going.

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In a Fight with the Cat   
05:13am 13/08/2009
  No, this is not the normal fight that ensues when he slices through my skin and I won't give him any milk from my cereal. This puts into question his very reason for existence.

Big scary click beetle flies at me while at my desk. Set cat on it. He chases it for a bit. I assume all ends well and watch some TV. Hours later, I lay down in bed and there is an ominous clicking noise. Now, either my bed is breaking or there is a SCARY CLICK BEETLE IN MY BED.

Yah, you guessed it. The clicking noise (which I swear sounded like it belonged in a horror flick) was the beetle in my bedding. EW EW EW EW EW. So I pull back the sheets, find it, and again set cat to the job. AND HE IS NOT INTERESTED. I try to Febreze the bug to death, which apparently doesn't work. I throw my sneaker at it a few times, but both the bed and carpet are squishy. I stealthily trap it it a cup and flush it down the potty. All the while, the cat is trying to sabotage my trapping/flushing efforts!

So now I don't want to get into bed, as I am irrationally afraid of it being full of beetles. (I'm not even certain it's possible to have a click beetle infestation unless you live on the floor of a forest or in field of crops.) AND I feel like the cat has just failed to pay his rent. I pay extra for him because he is my live-in exterminator. As anyone who has lived with me or dated me knows...I don't do bugs. I hyperventilate a little and make scared noises. Spiders I just ignore because they don't try to touch me, as other bugs seem to want to do.

If the cat stops wanting to kill roaches too, I swear I'm breaking up with him.

/bratty, half-asleep rant

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Best ID Case EVER   
03:55am 11/08/2009
  Check out what I'm waiting for in the mail! Female Trouble!!  

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Snacking Obsession   
01:13am 11/08/2009
  These are approximately 1,000 times better than they have any right to be. Best snack ever.  

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05:22pm 02/08/2009
  I just woke up from a nap. I had the WORST nightmare. I'm still kind of freaked out. I dreamed that I was sleeping and a filling (in a tooth I don't have a filling in IRL) started crumbling out. I woke up in the dream and it kept happening, but different materials would come out. And it made this crumby noise.

I keep imagining the sensation in my mouth is still there.

If you understand at all how much I'm scared of the dentist and how much more scared I am now that I don't have dental insurance, then you understand how freaked out I am.

I love you, naps, why do yo do this to me??? lol

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Lady Parts Reminder   
12:51am 02/08/2009
  I was listening to some of my friends tonight talk about their past experiences with cervical cancer. Gotta remember to get my screening done this month. (I think I skipped a year? I'm so bad at life.)

Schedule yours too, K? No excuses.

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New Internet Obsession   
01:01pm 31/07/2009
  Yah, I know, like I need another one. But I've stumbled upon the wonderful world of fat fashion - fatshion, if you will - blogs. Someone linked to fatshionista and it went from there. There are oodles and oodles of great tips, info, and techniques that I had no idea about. And, of course, people's outfits of the day. It's amazing.

Fatshionista (blog form)
Young, Fat, and Fabulous
Axis of Fat
Google Reader - Notes from the Fatosphere
And it could go on...

Today I learned how to do cat eye eyeliner. Totally gonna wear it out tomorrow night! Here's the tutorial.

Here's a first attempt...still playing with the angle. Read more...Collapse )

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Pretty Dresses!   
03:19pm 29/07/2009
  I've slowly been getting into dresses over the past...year or so? (Truthfully, since I learned about the wonders of Spanx, which make the whole endeavor much more comfy to me!). Ones that last (and even some that don't) can be so pricey though!

So I was so beyond excited when I found some I love for about $20 each and even MORE excited when they came in the mail today and I found that they are great! skulls and butterflies! Totally wearing that one to a wedding in a few weeks. And an easy daytime dress. Yay I have clothes to wear!! haha

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SMU Tops Lists   
01:42am 29/07/2009
  - second straight year (no pun intended!) that SMU was named the 14th most homophobic school in the nation
- SMU was in the top 20 for “Little Race/Class Interaction"

(According to the Princeton Review)

Any wonder why teaching anthropology in this school is often a little like gouging one's eyes out?

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Derby Movie Trailer!   
01:54pm 17/07/2009
  So the trailer for whip-it is out! There are lots of derby-related problems with it, obv. But I'm so excited for this movie I could pee myself.

Beyond just being a movie about derby - which BTW local derby leagues are greatly anticipating with hopes for spikes in recruits and ticket sales, both things that DIY, skater-run leagues always really need - it looks SO COOL. The cast looks amazing. ZOE BELL, the most badass woman ever!!!! Plus Juliette Lewis and Eve. And of course Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page. It looks like it's got style too...and a derby movie without style would be like a a derby bout without a band - just wrong and sad.

On another note, reading the thread on feministing - which is such an amazing site - about the movie almost made me cry. I can't believe how much hatred people have for a sport that means so much to so many women simply because it doesn't match what they would want to do. For the women that do it, derby becomes a way of life. It's nothing like playing in a softball league (not that there's anything wrong with that, of course!). It is a strongly cohesive group of people who support each other no matter what both on and off the track. It really feels like a safe space where it's always OK to try or to take risks. It is intensely woman-positive and allows women to use their bodies in any way they see fit, from mini-skirts to bootie blocking. Since it is all skater-run, it is more than playing a sport...in fact it is more like being part of a cause, a movement. There is the sense that you are doing something important for the community, for young women, by supporting the league. Plus I am always amazed by how strong and amazing women there are, it's pretty much like a role model factory.

So it sucks when people don't get it. Refuse to consider it.

Support your local rollergirls. Go to one bout and you'll be hooked. It's the fastest growing women's sport...there's likely a league near you. (These are just the WFTDA member leagues...there are tons more just starting up that are still working on meeting WFTDA requirements that also need support!)

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Return of the Oatmeal Blog   
01:28pm 17/07/2009
  So nothing terribly interesting is going on with my life...but I found an instant oatmeal I can eat! Kashi makes oatmeal that has a base of instant oats, but also has other grains and flax seeds in it. So it doesn't seem like a pile of mush. Plus, they add protein and fiber so that it keeps you full even better than regular oatmeal, which is a great thing for breakfast food!

So I have no idea if you crazy instant-oatmeal-loves would like this better or less than normal instant oatmeal.

oh and P.S. I think it is necessary to eat it with berries of some sort!

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longer letter later   
03:17am 09/07/2009
  Something crazy is afoot
1) it hailed today, even though the heat index was 103. It was a crazy storm, despite being sunny. (also, it caused my sliding glass door, which is under a ledge, to leak)
2) Nyquil is not making me sleepy.

Sorry if the world is ending, guys, I'm just keeping you up to date on the signs.

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