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In Her Hips, There's Revolution

When She Walks, The Revolution's Comin'

Justifiable Fisticuffs


I'm a wanna-be cultural anthropologist.

My life goal is to be paid for hanging out in the middle of nowhere.

Maternal child health rocks my socks, but I dislike children and hope to never be pregnant.

I'm an honest-to-goodness published author.

I'm finding feminism on my own terms, and it's great fun.

I think that needles are scary, but piercings are fantastic.

I'm a roller derby girl.

I dance while I'm driving, especially when I'm on the freeway.

I am a T-shirt aficionado.

I'm dorky enough to be a grad student.

When left to my own devices, I become nocturnal.

I have a part-time job convincing myself that the world and the people in it are genuinely good.

I'm allergic to my pets, but cuddle with them anyway.

I get my news from NPR, The Daily Show, and the 700 Club (because the last two are hysterically funny).

I judge people based on if they give their seats up on the bus for the elderly.

If you try to impress me I will most likely be instantly unimpressed.

I'm doing 101 things in 1001 days. Check it.

I model my life on this video:

toothpaste for dinner


evolve or dissolve
Hominid evolution is millions of years of love.
made by morwok

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